DC Risk Solutions provides customized services: We base our programs on our clients’ business needs and practices, not a one size fits all pre-set model.

Through the breadth of experience and knowledge of our team and our industry partners, we strive to offer unique and affordable services.

Find out about some of DC Risk Solutions’ success stories in the following case studies:

How DC Risk Solutions was able to save 70% of Workers’ Compensation / Property Liability coverage.

A company of about 20 employees that specializes in the implementation of application software, had no time to work on choosing its insurance solutions; so for years, they trusted their banking and payroll partners to do it for them.

On their Property / General Liability and Workers’ Compensation package, we found that our client had not been offered any choice for many years and had simply renewed its policy year on year.

When DC Risk Solutions started working with this group, we set ourselves to review their entire insurance program andfound some duplication in coverage.

We were able to eliminate the duplication and through our partnerships with a wide range of carriers we were also able offer apackage 70% cheaper with no loss of coverage.

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How DC Risk Solutions was able to find creative solutions to help one of its clients continue to offer an attractive Employee Benefit Package to its staff.

A company of about 150 employees had severe budget constraints and had just received an above the trend rate increase on its Medical insurance renewal. They simply could not afford to pay the extra premium. The rate increase also meant that the group would have to compromise on the other benefits offered to the employees.

First, we managed to reduce the renewal increase through discussion and analysis of the increase with the group’s carrier. We also worked to find other options that would be more competitive and we were able to propose a choice of fully and partially insured options that were all at market trend or under.

For their Dental coverage, we presented the group with different options including some self-insured plans at 25% savings. We were also able to restructure their Long Term Disability program with increased benefits at the same cost.

As a result, DC Risk Solutions was able to offer a selection of plans that were not only affordable but also attractive to the different profiles of employees in the company. By helping this group offer competitive benefits to its staff, DC Risk Solutions helped this client retain and recruit its very valuable staff.

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How DC Risk Solutions was able to build a New Physician Malpractice Program Resulting in $100,000′s in Premium Savings

Over the years, this medical group had been pushed into malpractice carriers that offered limited coverage. In addition to the limited coverage, this group was paying non- competitive premiums.
DC Risk Solutions conducted an overall analysis of the group from its structure to its claims experience, procedures offered and multi practice locations.

Our strong experience in management of professional liability programs allowed DC Risk Solutions to transition this group back into the preferred market with significantly reduced premiums.

We were also able to offer long-term solutions that would prevent future reoccurrence of the problem.

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How DC Risk Solutions was able to properly protect one of its clients by finding solutions for the gaps found in its Directors & Officers and Errors & Omissions coverage

A company of around 50 employees had a very vanilla insurance program full of issues that needed to be addressed.

DC Risk Solutions reviewed the complete insurance portfolio and found that there had been a significant lack of details to their current program.

This group needed additional terms and coverage that had never been discussed and left them open to a wide array of risks that could cost them dollars from their bottom line. The group had:

DC Risk Solutions was able to provide a comprehensive program with all the coverage required for only $10.00 a month more than what the group was paying for two of the policies alone, in addition to closing some serious gaps.

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How DC Risk Solutions helped one of its clients reduce its insurance premiums by implementing a captive.

As a result of several large losses with its professional liability coverage, a company was experiencing year on year premium increases, limited underwriting flexibility and no extra cash.

After reviewing the issues, DC Risk Solutions suggested to implement a Captive.

DC Risk Solutions managed the whole implementation and was also able to issue a deductible policy with an admitted carrier, thus reducing the financial risk for the group even more.

Several years later, DC Risk Solutions is still the captive manager and thanks to our counsel, the client is experiencing premium rate decrease.

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How DC Risk Solutions’ extremely successful management of an OCIP for one of its clients saved almost $1m in insurance costs in one year.

A company of more than 1,000 employees had four different construction projects going on at the same time.

By working very closely with the group’s safety team, DC Risk Solutions managed to control and limit the number and amount of claims: less than 10 claims for less than $10,000 total costs!

DC Risk Solutions achieved this excellent outcome by building a strong partnership with its client.

Both parties worked together to develop an aggressive safety program that calls for more stringent safety guidelines than what OSHA requires, daily walks of the job site, ergonomic evaluations of job duties, and aggressive claims handling of all claims.

As a result, there have been no general liability, pollution or builders risk claims since the inception of the OCIP.

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