Founded in 2000, DC Risk Solutions is a privately owned and independent brokerage and consulting firm. Our goal is to provide customized services to our clients in order to meet their insurance and reinsurance needs, as well as their business operations and planning needs.

Mission Statement

To provide out clients advice on creating the solutions to best realize their opportunities and manage adversities.

Vision Statement

To be an industry leader in development and implementation of strategic employer based solutions for the protection and preservation of assets and resources.

Corporate Values

  • Quality:
  • A commitment to excellence and delivering exceptional services
  • Innovation:
  • Being on the forefront of unique approaches to challenges, new and old
  • Client Satisfaction:
  • A commitment to exceeding customer and industry expectations
  • Integrity:
  • Unity and stability through honest and ethical work practices
  • Vision:
  • Imagining creative solutions in anticipation of future needs
  • Professionalism:
  • Presenting a positive image through knowledge and attitude